Fire Curtains

Product code BFR FABRIC

Flameshield fire curtain is designed for fire compartmentation. Our Fire Curtains are discreet and lightweight - yet with a level of performance equivalent to fire shutters - the Flameshield fire curtain is housed in a small unobtrusive box, which can be mounted in a ceiling void.

Even the slim line bottom rail of the roller style fire curtain fits neatly in place when the fire curtain is raised. Fire curtains are formed from a fire rated fabric 0.65mm thick, stitched and hemmed (were required) using Kevlar and stainless steel thread, the unique two section bottom rail allows smooth operation of the curtain.

All fire curtains have been successfully tested at Warrington Fire Research Centre WARRES No 165694, the test is in accordance with clause 8 of BS476 part 22:1987.

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