Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

Product code BFR 42

Our insulated sectional overhead doors are generally constructed of a 42mm insulated panel with Plastisol or PVF2 external finish and white stucco internal finish. Complete with bottom weather seal/side seals and top seals as standard.

The 42-mm-thick PU-foamed section with finger trap protection is especially robust and offers a good thermal insulation. The door leaf is available in the Stucco-textured and
Micrograin surface variants.

PU-foamed sectional doors are available either with 42 mm depth or with sections with thermal break and 67 mm depth. For both versions, the door appearance is 100 % matching.
Depth 42 mm Hörmann sectional doors with 42-mm-thick PU-foamed sections are especially robust, offering good thermal insulation.

67 mm depth with the best thermal insulation With the SPU 67 Thermo’s 67 mm sections with thermal break, you benefit from an excellent thermal value of up to 0.51 W/ (m²·K)*. The thermal break between the exterior and interior of the steel sections also reduces the formation of condensation water on the inside of the door.

The surface finish of the sections of steel doors or doors with bottom sections is based on hotgalvanized sheet steel and a high-adhesion primercoating (2-component PUR) that protect the door against adverse effects of the weather.

Resistant Stucco surface Additionally, Stucco texturing gives the door surface a uniform structure on which light scratches or traces of dirt are more difficult to see. Micrograin surface finishes give an elegant look Micrograin features a smooth surface and characteristic fine lines. This door surface finish harmonises especially well with modern facades that are characterised by their clear formal structure. The inside of the door is Stucco-textured in Grey white, RAL 9002, as standard.

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