Roller Shutter and Industrial Door Maintenance Service

Bi-Fold Rolfe Ltd welcome service contract enquiries on all types and manufacture of Industrial/Commercial and Retail door systems as well as dock levelling equipment and automatic gate systems.

With 20 dedicated service teams of engineers and a fully integrated management system we are able to manage routine service contracts on a annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis.

Our contract clients benefit from the peace of mind that they are fully compliant with the health,Safety and Welfare regulations 1992,machinery directive 2008 and BS7036 standard.

In addition contract clients also benefit from preferential charge out rates and the knowledge that our 24 hour call out service is to hand should the need arise.

At each service visit an individual service report is produced,each product requires a different level of service but checks range from a 18 point check to a 39 point check far exceeding the minimum standards recommended by the DHF.

Regular maintenance has been proved to significantly extend the life of our products and would therefore be recommended for all clients.


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