Garage Doors

Product code BFR EURO

Our doors come in a wide range of low maintenance colours, including textured woodgrain finishes that match the latest generation of UPVC indows and doors. Insulated laths form a curtain designed to a higher specification, which means our doors help to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Our space saving design eliminates intrusion into overhead storage space in your garage - and allows you to park right up to the door - unlike conventional up and over doors. A Manually operated version is available. All doors are fully CE approved. Using genuine Alutech components, our doors are all manufactured here in the UK

Our compact doors, are designed to be installed in garages with restricted headroom. Manufactured from 55mm deep lath, only 205mm internal headroom is required for installation. Compact doors are available up to 2800 wide and 2200 high. Insulated lath, with side and bottom seals provide resistance to heat loss and drafts.

Classic doors, are manufactured with 77mm lath for additional strength and rigidity. Ideal for larger garages, or where additional security may be necessary. Insulated lath and triple side seals provide for the ultimate in insulation and draft resistance.

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