Security Bar / Grilles

Our range of Security Bar Grilles includes Aluminium Alloy Grille Shutters, Punched Alloy Lath Grille, Plastic Shutters, Perforated Lath Grille Shutters, Simflex Shutters and Collapsible Grille.

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Aluminium Alloy Grille Shutters BFR ALLOY

Aluminium Alloy Grille Shutters

Product code BFR ALLOY

Both attractive and practical, the Aluminium Grille is designed to provide an optimum balance of security and visibility, ideal for installations where the closure interferes only marginally with vision.

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Punched Grille Shutters BFR PUNCHED

Punched Grille Shutters

Product code BFR PUNCHED

A variation of our Safeguard Solid Lath Shutter and basically possessing the same qualities the Safeguard Open Lath Shutter is suitable for many applications where security. vision and ventilation are important factors. Used for counters, bars and kiosks the rectangular cut outs can be positioned to suit the individual requirements of the user.

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Plastic Grille Shutters BFR LINK

Plastic Grille Shutters

Product code BFR LINK

The attractive design of the Plastic Grille will harmonise with most styles of architecture and interior decoration, most suitable where pilfer proof protection is required without sacrificing light, vision or ventilation. The Plastic Grille has proved extremely popular for counters, bars and kiosks and for individual shop and stall fronts particularly in enclosed shopping precincts.

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Perforated Grille Shutters BFR PERF

Perforated Grille Shutters

Product code BFR PERF

To compliment the solid lath and open lath shutters, the recently introduced perforated lath version is already proving to be a most popular addition to the range. It is ideal for most applications where security and protection against vandalism are principle considerations, whilst allowing both vision and ventilation.

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Simflex Grille Shutters BFR SIMFLEX

Simflex Grille Shutters

Product code BFR SIMFLEX

The SimFlex range is one of the most comprehensive for securing store front entrances, kiosks, bar counter tops, in-store concessions and separating people from space in public and retail or commercial applications. SimFlex folding shutters offer significant benefits over other conventional shutters, particularly in large single spans, curved or faceted layouts.

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Collapsible Bar Grille Shutters BFR TITAN

Collapsible Bar Grille Shutters

Product code BFR TITAN

Internal medium to high security on domestic. Retail or commercial applications manufactured from high grade steel for additional security. Why buy from us? 30% heavier duty than most competitors, Sashes independently fixed for ease of installation, Unique corner security fixings for additional security, Save around 50% on installation time, Smallest bunch size available

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